Thursday, 8 September 2011

Eye contact

I often get asked by people,
'Thomas, you have an amazing streak with the ladies, what do you say to them to make them swoon so much?'
Well general public, I'm here to reveal one of my biggest secrets. It's shocking, it'll make you think, make you realize how terrible you have been at finding a partner that night.
Are you ready?
Here goes......
Sometimes..........................................I don't say anything at all.

I'll let that sink in.

The problem with so many people is that they think about the words so much, they forget that from across that bar or dance floor, people are looking at you.
My biggest move is something far simpler than finding an incredibly amazing line to make someone fall hopelessly.....on your bed.
The look behind.
It's a great trick, simply because it speaks a lot more than a chat up line. With a look behind, you're looking behind for one purpose, everyone knows this. It's not as if you've had a twitch or are checking to see how far your neck can go back.
No no, you're looking behind to see THAT person. It speaks more than anything, that person knows you'd rather look like a tosser with your neck strained round than standing there looking aloof.
For example......a true story.
A time I remember this working wasn't even in a club, I was on the way home. The clubs weren't at the level I usually liked, maybe it was night I wasn't sure. Crazy I know but a good conversation can be as good as a big pair of tits.
I adjusted myself on the walk, from smart casual to 'slowly undressing so I don't need to do much when I get home'. At this time of night people are either trying to get in taxis or struggling to walk home, kind of like a self induced zombie outbreak.
Stuffing my hands in my pockets I continue my walk around the drunks, too drunk to chat up, too drunk to be of any use.
In the distance though, walking towards me was a lass who stuck out very nicely, mainly because she wasn't falling over. I'd say she was Spanish, or at least from that direction in Europe. Small, petite even but in good shape, well maintained curves in my eyes. Shoulder length dark brown hair fell and drew attention to the summer dress clinging to her.
In the dark the bright dress shined like a street lamp. The patterned flowers drew your eyes in one direction and then another, trapping you in a long stare. Luckily she could not see where my eyes were yet, the distance still my ally.
Pulling closer in our eyes meet for the first time. A glimpsed look at first, one you'd give someone if you let them go first through a narrow pavement. On closer inspection she looked better than I first realized, and older. Not too old mind you, and looking very well put together. Dark green eyes are wide and inviting, her lips painted a chocolate brown.

Read the rest of this story in:
'Sex Games' by Mouna Lott and T.H.Rusty
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