Thursday, 5 January 2012

Smashing news

And a happy 2012 to you all,

But enough of that.

Like which was posted on our brother blog, big book news is out there.

Myself and Mouna's books are now to be found on itunes!

I know what you've all been can I read some good erotic fiction on the go? Well now you can fellow readers.

And for the tiny price of barely a quid (£1 and under to the rest of the world) you can have our popular stories right at your fingers.

Where they should be.

Just remember, Brief Encounters, Sex Games 1, Sex Games 2 and Stocking Fillers are all now on itunes.

Go, go now, I'll wait here.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Review time

Excellent news everyone,

Brief Encounters has been reviewed at:

Do go read!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The forgotten present.

Christmas eve.
Snow gently floats down from the sky, coating the city in a blanket of winter wonderland. Festive lights glow around every corner, greens and reds lighting the sky.
Marching through this biscuit tin version of the holidays is Michael, his arms tucked under his coat. Unlike everyone else he is passing tonight his head is not looking up at the lights and sparkle. His head is down, nestled deep in his scarf. To anyone passing him he looks like a guy who doesn't enjoy the cold, or perhaps this time of season.
In actual fact he loves this time of year.
Problem is, he's forgotten to buy one last present.
Late working nights and deadlines upon deadlines have not left Michael with much time for the little things. Things like this, making sure he has everything ready for when the family turn up and the awkward conversations begin.
But of course he's forgotten Aunt Violets present.
Throwing himself in to the nearest shop his mission is simple: find anything. It's not like any of them really look at the gifts you give them anyway, it's symbolic more than thoughtful.
Dusting the remnants of snow from his coat he scans the department store looking for something quick and easy to buy, so to spend as little time on this as possible. As he continues to look around though his eyes glance over a young thin man dressed poorly as an elf.
Big mistake.
With alarming speed he rushes over, arms almost glued to his side. His smile is wide and beaming, seeming incredibly fake at this time of night. His well gelled hair catches every speck of light, blinding Michael in an instant.
'And a good evening and merry Christmas to yourself sir! Can I help you with anything tonight?'
His energy startles Michael in to life, probably the result of far too much coffee and not a lot of sleep.
'Oh no, just browsing thanks'
'Well do take your time, and if you need ANYTHING at all, don't hesitate to find me'
Michael looks around awkwardly for a second, trying not to look him in the eyes again.
'Ok, will do'
The elf sprints off in search of other desperate prey leaving Michael to find this illusive present. The problem Michael thinks is not that he hasn't a clue what she's like.....just he has no idea what she LIKES.
His saviour though comes in the form of a bored looking woman behind the jewellery counter. Leaning over and admiring the shiny trinkets, he can't help but peek down her top. While on the thin guy the elf costume looked ill fitting, on her it is perfect. Tightly formed around her it looks like her bust is ready to explode out of it.
She looks up as he walks over, a small 'how can I help' smile works its way across her face. Pulling herself upright he is allowed a better look at her. The stretchy material makes her look like the best present ever, her auburn hair tied up as if they are her bow.....
'And what can I help you with today sir?' she asks, an air of sarcasm to her voice.
'A late present for an Aunt who I am pretty sure won't even look at it' he replies, his eyes wandering dangerously low.
'Well then, I think I have just what you need, follow me'.
Smiling as she turns around Michaels eyes wander down to the green foil like skirt as it barely contains her ass. He's followed far worse he thinks to himself.
She leads him round the corner to what he only can think is the loading bay, pallets and boxes strewn everywhere.
' all the late night shoppers get this treatment?' he asks.
'Oh shut up and get in here' she orders.
Pushing him up against the side of a small office she kicks the door shut and jumps on him, grabbing his arms in the process.
'We don't have a lot of time' she whispers to him as her lips brush his ear, nibbling slightly as his hands follow round her body.
'Fine by me' he hastily replies, his hands feeling down her body to the edges of her skirt. Her hands get to work in the same way, following down his body and working away on his belt.
Their kisses are hard, lustful, an explosion of passion. For every connecting kiss there are several that end in small bites, licks and bruises. There is no pandering to romantic notions here.
'Pick me up, now' she orders again, locking eyes in that way that means business.
'Yes ma'am'
His hands reach down and hitch the skirt high, feeling the curve of her ass as his fingers hem around the edge of her panties.
'Side tie baby'
He needs no more incentive. Quickly undoing the sides her panties flutter to the floor, maybe this was where the bow was really....
Her hands have also worked their magic on his lower half, his trousers just 'magically' now lying around his ankles. Her hands are warm to the touch, making short work of his ever increasing manhood.
He could have thought about anything right now and it wouldn't matter, he's getting hard and it is good. Her hands slide up and down her shaft slowly, massaging him again and again. He can feel the blood drain from his body in to his cock, aching to be used.
His fingers ease her pussy open to prepare her, and she doesn't need much. His fingers are already wet as he slides one in, the whispers of hair pointing him to the good spot. He can feel the heat radiating off her pussy, begging for more.
In one movement she hops up on Michael and kisses him deeply, wrapping her legs around him high up his body. His hands move to his own cock and lead it to the sweet spot, much to her joy.
He eases in to her, feeling her muscles let him in, but only just. His eyes roll back as the feeling over comes him, her body doing everything in its power to pull him in.
He feels his cock shudder and grow to it's limits, filling her and causing her to moan out wildly. He can feel her legs tighten around his sides as he pushes deeper in to her.
She picks herself up and begins to really push down on him, her ass slapping down harder and harder. She kisses him harder and harder, the pace quickening as their bodies work in unison.
'You back here Kathy? We've got people waiting' a voice calls out.
Both of them freeze in an instant, and before they know it they are giggling to themselves. She pushes down on him a few more times, slowing the pace as they look at each other.
Sliding off him she keeps her eyes locked.
'Well, I guess I better get back out there.......see you at home?'
Michael smiles at her, brushing her cheek.
'Of course, but could you do me a favour?'
'Honey we don't have time to finish' she laughs.
'Not that you minx.......but could you get me a present for Auntie Violet?'

She smiles at him one more time before kissing again.

'Merry Christmas baby'

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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's been a while

Sorry folks, slightly stuck under a pile of work.

Regular stories/musings will return shortly.

While you wait though, why not go buy our books?, T.H.Rusty and Mouna Lott......

I'm sure you can spare a pound or two.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A chance online encounter has led to the hottest new erotic series from mainstream writers Mouna Lott and T.H.Rusty.

'Sex Games' is the first of two anthologies of their short story erotica. From everyday situations to something a little out of the ordinary, these tales are sure to get you hot under the collar. Satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed!

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'Brief Encounters': In this novella Mouna is trying to beat breast cancer. A newly appointed text friend fuels her desires to explore her sexuality. He writes erotica and sends her stories. She emails back all the sexual experiences she has. The question is whether they will meet up to pursue this fantasy of lust in the flesh.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Eye contact

I often get asked by people,
'Thomas, you have an amazing streak with the ladies, what do you say to them to make them swoon so much?'
Well general public, I'm here to reveal one of my biggest secrets. It's shocking, it'll make you think, make you realize how terrible you have been at finding a partner that night.
Are you ready?
Here goes......
Sometimes..........................................I don't say anything at all.

I'll let that sink in.

The problem with so many people is that they think about the words so much, they forget that from across that bar or dance floor, people are looking at you.
My biggest move is something far simpler than finding an incredibly amazing line to make someone fall hopelessly.....on your bed.
The look behind.
It's a great trick, simply because it speaks a lot more than a chat up line. With a look behind, you're looking behind for one purpose, everyone knows this. It's not as if you've had a twitch or are checking to see how far your neck can go back.
No no, you're looking behind to see THAT person. It speaks more than anything, that person knows you'd rather look like a tosser with your neck strained round than standing there looking aloof.
For example......a true story.
A time I remember this working wasn't even in a club, I was on the way home. The clubs weren't at the level I usually liked, maybe it was night I wasn't sure. Crazy I know but a good conversation can be as good as a big pair of tits.
I adjusted myself on the walk, from smart casual to 'slowly undressing so I don't need to do much when I get home'. At this time of night people are either trying to get in taxis or struggling to walk home, kind of like a self induced zombie outbreak.
Stuffing my hands in my pockets I continue my walk around the drunks, too drunk to chat up, too drunk to be of any use.
In the distance though, walking towards me was a lass who stuck out very nicely, mainly because she wasn't falling over. I'd say she was Spanish, or at least from that direction in Europe. Small, petite even but in good shape, well maintained curves in my eyes. Shoulder length dark brown hair fell and drew attention to the summer dress clinging to her.
In the dark the bright dress shined like a street lamp. The patterned flowers drew your eyes in one direction and then another, trapping you in a long stare. Luckily she could not see where my eyes were yet, the distance still my ally.
Pulling closer in our eyes meet for the first time. A glimpsed look at first, one you'd give someone if you let them go first through a narrow pavement. On closer inspection she looked better than I first realized, and older. Not too old mind you, and looking very well put together. Dark green eyes are wide and inviting, her lips painted a chocolate brown.

Read the rest of this story in:
'Sex Games' by Mouna Lott and T.H.Rusty
Out October 2011

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Didn't make the cut....

This story didn't quite make the cut when myself and Mouna finished off 'Brief Encounters', now in it's *cross fingers* final stages before moving along to actually being sold!
So, do enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

I lie sprawled out on my bed, taking each breath slow and deep. It can’t be later than seven in the morning as the light burns its good morning message in to my eyes. It’s not a good day, each muscle just wants to give up in unison. I didn’t even have a heavy night before, a few jars with the boys down at our local haunt. I guess I’m getting old, my body feels like it has been coated in pasty, each movement making it crack and ache.
I should be getting up to work, I should be finding a shirt to wear and shoes that match. I should be doing this but I just can’t give a fuck. I feel like a student again, clutching on to the last remnants of my night. Then again if I think of student me, I’m pretty sure he would tell me not to get out of bed either. The room looks the same though as it did, as if a grenade had been placed in the middle and the pin pulled.
Well’ I think to myself, ’I clearly can’t go to work like this, I’d……….let the team down?’
It’s a flimsy excuse at best but it’s all I can muster right now.
I flip out my phone to give the office a call but notice something that perks my interest first. My phone is flashing up ’One New Message’, something that everyone loves to see. Clicking on it I see it is from Michelle, an old friend of mine who I may or may not have been out with last night.
Hey you, hope you got home safe! You looked pretty wasted, if you need a nurse tomorrow give me a call ;) x’
Well that solves one mystery. Yes, I got plastered. However Michelle was out and didn’t text me that I was groping her. This is a good thing.
I push this aside for the minute and ring work. What I get is nothing short of good news. My boss is off sick, no one is really in charge today and no one would miss me if I wasn’t there.
I should be annoyed at that last bit but who cares! Day off!
My mind quickly wanders to my pervious thought, Michelle’s text. We’ve flirted in the past and there was one night when we did kiss………dare I text back? It’s already turning in to a good day for me so should I continue?
We were both drunk that night, my friend Steve’s birthday bash at a club. We’d very quickly grabbed each other and hid in a dark corner, our hands blurring over each other as time was short. Our lips never came apart, tongues entwined and moist. Her ass was firm in my hands, her dress allowing me to caress her easily. That was a long time ago, does she feel the same if I text? Clearly I do, it was just a few minutes of daydreaming and I was already standing to attention, the memories not just effecting me. I reach down and take a hold, allowing my hand to take over the thoughts and very slowly involve my cock.
I’ve always found a wank in the morning is great for clearing the ’night after’ headache. I keep thinking of her shirt skirt and low cut top, her breasts teasingly on display. In my mind she wore it for me, wanting me to know what’s on offer when I am ready. My hand pumps down on my cock faster now, her naked form filling my mind. I one handed text her, just a general one for now, telling her I feel a tad worse for wear. I slow my hand down, not wanting to finish myself off too soon.
To my surprise my phone bleeps almost immediately.

Read the rest of this story in: 
'Sex Games' by Mouna Lott and T.H.Rusty
Out October 2011