Sunday, 10 July 2011

A long trip: Part 2

No one is here, only shelves of flat packed wears. Not even an employee looking around pretending to be working. Slightly anticlimactic I think. Not that I was expecting a fan fare, but her here would have been nice.
Making sure this was not a wasted trip I go to find the chair, at least I can come out with what I needed. After staring at the same white boxes for what seemed an eternity I finally find it, at least I hope I did.
I select my box and slowing drag it out, that was, until I noticed someone on the other side. They were on the same rung, looking at the same stock. My gaze hits lower, seeing if I can get an indication of who this person is.
Flawless skin being supported by smooth brown boots.
I quickly look up and around the boxes, to catch her eyes, but she has already done this, locking attention.
'I was wondering how long it would take you'
Her smile lights up her face once more, intoxicating to my vision.
'Well you could have been more obvious with the note, rather than a sexy ninja'
'Where's the fun in that?'
I look around to see how she got there, it actually looks like she is in the back of the shelving. I look up to ask her but she has already sussed my question.
'Use the roller below'
Her foot taps the shelf itself, most of it on rollers to 'easily get the stock you need'
(says so on the sticker)
Looking around for staff I lower on the rollers and push myself towards the back, the individual spinners acting quite like a massage board. Reminder, get one of these for home.
The rollers reveal her to me slowly, like the unveiling of the latest must have gadget. Her hands are on her hips, the smile still stuck on. Every inch of her a goddess.
And she knows it.
Stopping from falling off the rollers I am face to face with her belt, it's gold effects glinting in the terribly thought out lighting.
'Well, while you're down there' she orders, or tries to at least.
I need no more invitation than that. Letting my hands slowly run up her legs I keep my eyes fixed to her skirt area, her skin warming to my touch. She holds on to the rails in front of her and looks forward, keeping watch as I explore. My hands keep running up her legs, slowly for now. Her legs just don't stop, I'll be out of reach before I get to her hips. She lets out a little purr as my hands finally find the edges of her panties, and her hips.
She drops one hand for me, and in one motion lifts her skirt for me, giving me access to the treasure underneath. Looking back there I'm given the good fortune of seeing a barely registering pair of panties, black, with a little picture of a lock on the front with the words:
'Key Me'
Don't mind if I do.
I peel down the panties in one fell swoop (disarming the lock in the process) and leave them down by her ankles. A little kick from her and they only appear on one ankle, allowing me to gently part her legs. Her landing strip is short, shaved smooth on the sides giving me permission to land. I can already smell her pussy even this early, every inch of her continues to intoxicate me.
My hands go behind her and grab hold of her peach of an ass as my head easily nestles in between her legs. Looking down at me she licks her lips, keeping the skirt high as I do the same motion, but allow my tongue to gently tease her pussy.
She's tight, a small pussy for me to play with but her body shudders with each lick. I press on, allowing my tongue to ease her open and be rewarded with her desire. I feel her ass clench as she pushes on to me, physically demanding my tongue in her. I oblige, taking my hands to part her lips as my tongue fully enters her.

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